Serotonin, referred to as the happiness molecule– is a basic biological neurotransmitter that, mixed with oxytocin, dopamine, and endorphins,
helps create human connectedness, drives trust, builds relationships,
and creates overall contentment and happiness.

We harness our talents, skills, and expertise in the worlds of technology, psychology, writing, and design to help you make meaningful connections
that move people and strengthen your standing in the market while striving
to make the world a better place. 


And just like that, the roaring twenties are back. Only this time around
we have self-driving cars, a space force, and everything from music and movies to medicine are available on-demand with a click or a tap. The whole world is now inextricably connected by a network of machines exchanging information—good and bad—at light-speed. The world keeps getting smaller and the stakes continue to rise.

With the increased pace of business, ceaseless stream of content, and shrinking attention spans, it’s never been more challenging to rise above the noise, connect with your audience, and move people to take meaningful action for your business and the planet.

As you remain focused on finding every edge and advantage in the market, you need a partner who lives and breathes this stuff —a team of data driven, curious, engaged, and empathic doers who want to help you help your customers.

Combining expertise, craft, experience, and creativity, we collaborate with
our partners to create socially impactful, strategically informed marketing
and communication that helps solve their business challenges. 

Whether it’s brand building, brand strategy, campaign development,
content creation, storytelling, writing, or design, Serotonin is here
to help you unlock hidden value and stand out by seizing opportunities in:

Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainiblity, and Impact Storytelling.


To see case studies of our work, hear about our team, process, and capabilities, 

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