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Serotonin is a Creative
Brand-Building, Content Creation, and Social Impact Consultancy.

We build and amplify the impact of purpose-driven brands and organizations in the public and private sectors.

We work with businesses, thought leaders, content creators, government organizations, educational institutions, and non-profits, of all sizes to help them tell their stories and connect with their audiences.

"Companies are increasingly recognizing sustainability as a strategic priority. With stakeholders at every level demanding that organizations take a real stand, companies that merely pay lip service cannot compete. Sustainability today must become more than a public relations, investor relations, or corporate social responsibility endeavor. The modern sustainability organization must be set up to reshape a company’s fundamental approach to business, set specific goals, and accomplish real results. However, historically, few companies have organizational structures designed to treat sustainability as a material business issue, and it’s time to evolve." —Mckinsey November 11, 2021


We work with teams to help find ways to redefine goals, missions, and communications that evolve out of authentic purpose. We aim to help fundamentally refocus their efforts on sustainability by helping them develop a triple bottom line business model, which not only prioritizes profits but also people and the planet.

Talent Retention


Studies show that firms with greater corporate responsibility performance can reduce average turnover over time by 25-50%. It can also reduce annual quit rates by 3-3.5%, saving replacement costs up to 90%-200% of an employee’s annual salary for each retained position.

Do your values align with your customers?


Nearly two-thirds of consumers across six international markets believe they “have a responsibility to purchase products that are good for the environment and society” — 82% in emerging markets and 42% in developed markets. 

The future is green


88% of business school students think environmental and social issues are priorities in business. Additionally, more first-time entrepreneurs are building their companies around environmental protection. This has led to the rise of promising startups that focus on durable, eco-friendly products.



Visual Identity
Logo Development
Color theory
Brand Archetype Discovery

Typography Development 
Voice & Tone Refinement
Digital/Physical Collateral
Master Brand Guidelines


Market Research

Competitive Analysis

Audience Personas

Brand/Market Positioning

Product Architecture

Messaging Frameworks

Channel Analysis

Analytics and Optimization


Social Media

Blog Content
Web Design

Here's how we can help you


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Hosted by Casey Hogue, the goal of Darts in the Dark is to amplify the voices of businesses, organizations, and individuals enacting positive change and impact. On the podcast, we talk about branding, marketing, communication, and sustainability, and through our conversations with leading voices throughout business and culture, we help shed some light on how to move your audience to take meaningful action for your business and the planet.

Interested in getting involved and helping us bend the trajectory of culture and business to become forces for good? We are always on the hunt for talented purpose-driven folks to add to our roster.

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“The world will ask who you are, and if you do not know, the world will tell you.”

- Carl Jung - 


Case Studies

Bending the trajectory of culture & business to become forces for good.

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