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Introducing BEAM Circular, the future of the Circular Bioeconomy ♻️ 🌏

BEAM Circular is unlocking the power of agricultural communities to transform waste into opportunity.

BEAM is a hub for the circular bioeconomy in California’s agricultural heartland that is advancing economic opportunity and environmental solutions. They are building a vibrant regional ecosystem for the circular bioeconomy in the North San Joaquin Valley. They are facilitating collaboration and catalyzing action through the BioEconomy, Agriculture, and Manufacturing (BEAM) Initiative, a portfolio of public and private projects designed to scale the most promising innovations in bioindustrial manufacturing and to advance solutions that support economic and environmental outcomes for local communities. Collaboration and partnership is core to BEAM Circular’s work and central to everything they do. Their approach is grounded in the belief that the most promising solutions to environmental and social challenges will only be realized through the active engagement of communities, workers, business leaders, public agencies, educators, and innovators from many fields and perspectives. Back in October 2023, BEAM hosted the Circular Bioeconomy Innovation Collaborative Design Forum. See the recap video below:

We've been partnering with BEAM to develop their overall brand presence including website development, and general marketing and communications. The momentum is growing fast and we're excited for what's next. Discover more on their newly launched website:


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