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Silent Skies wins GOLD at the Anthem Awards 🏆

Silent Skies follows the groundbreaking journey of three Pennsylvania college students who orchestrated and piloted the first-ever fully electric airplane stadium flyover. Stunning fans with a whisper-quiet show, this event signaled the dawn of America's transition to electric aviation. The students completed a record-breaking trip flying the airplane from its base in Hartford, CT to the stadium in Easton, PA, recharging at enroute airports directly from a fleet of electric F-150 trucks.

The air travel industry faces an unprecedented challenge: decarbonization. Historically, new aviation technologies are met with consumer skepticism. Demonstrating electric aircraft today, ahead of widespread adoption, is key for building consumer trust, political support, and sustained investment.

The flyover was witnessed by 10,000+ attendees, thousands more on ESPN+, and created a precedent for the FAA to approve manned electric aircraft demonstrations over populated areas. Textron eAviation and Ford amplified the event through their social media channels and the film premiered at San Francisco Climate Week.

Since its premiere, the film has gone on tour and has been screening at various film festivals, and awards shows, and has garnered some hardware along the way. In April the film was an Official Selection at the Big Syn International Film Festival in London, in November attendees of the Raw Science Film Festival in Los Angeles got a screening as well.

 In October the film (and Casey Hogue) won "Best Director" at the Wild Sound NY Science & Nature Film & Screenplay Festival.

But the big win came in January when the film won Gold & Bronze at the Anthem Awards in New York. The film was recognized as a Gold winner for their Responsible Technology and Community Engagement Categories as well as a Bronze in the Sustainability, Environment & Climate Film, Video, Television or Show Awareness & Media Categories. The film continues to show in festivals throughout the country including the Wild and Scenic Film Festival in Southern California and the Colorado Environmental Film Festival in Golden Colorado.

Remy Oktay & Trebor Maitin accepting Gold at the Anthem Awards

We are honored and excited for the recognition and interest in this type of impact storytelling and the influence it has on shifting narratives and influencing policy. Partners like Remy Oktay and Lafayette College push us to be better storytellers and open up opportunities for people to see effective pathways to lasting change.


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