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Silent Skies wins GOLD at the Anthem Awards 🏆

Our Environmental Impact Documentary chronicling the adventures of Remy Oktay on his journey to become the first-ever piolet to conduct an electric plane fly-over during a college football game. Siles Skies wins bit at the Anthem Awards. Click below to hear more.

Camp2Home Documentary Film Premier

We've partnered with the City of Modesto to help tell the story of Camp2Home, the City's highly effective program to deal with homelessness. We'll be premiering the film at the State Theatre in Modesto for the first time in March. Excited to share this important project with the Central Valley Community.

Introducing BEAM Circular, the future of the Circular Bioeconomy

BEAM Circular is a hub for the circular bioeconomy in California’s agricultural heartland that is advancing economic opportunity and environmental solutions. Serotonin has partnered with this amazing team to help unlock the power of agricultural communities to transform waste into opportunity. Together we just launched a new website, sizzle video with more exciting things on the horizon.

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